Winfield, Kansas ‘neath an autumn sky,
With the man of her dreams riding high.
Her horse, called Beauty, in a four-beat walk.
A beautiful time to ride and talk.

Light wind. Light rain begins to fall.
Her new love beside her riding tall.
On a horse who responds to the call of Grace.
Beauty and Grace trot a two-beat pace.

Two different horses. Same boy and girl.
Four strong thoroughbreds out for a whirl.
She on Freedom in a three-beat cantor,
Matching pace with her new enchanter.

The enchanter gently flicks the reigns.
This moment symbolic; the adventure begins.
His horse, Adventure, at a four-beat gallop.
Four hearts race as the adventure develops.

More than forty years have passed.
The second date forever lasts.
Beauty, Grace, Freedom, Adventure,
The hallmarks of their life together.

© Dr. Phil Bryant


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