Living Beyond the Maze

Living Beyond the Maze

In 2008 I self-published a fun little book entitled “Living Beyond the Maze”.

This inspirational book takes the reader back to the setting of the best seller, Who Moved My Cheese? Here, the reader catches up with an old friend, and watches how he grows as he begins to live life beyond the maze.

Living Beyond the Maze demonstrates how a Christian worldview can overshadow the things we chase. It asserts that living for God is more important than living for oneself. It reminds the Christian to live beyond the maze of this world, and challenges the unbeliever to believe in life beyond the maze.

Living Beyond the Maze was written to be used along side Who Moved My Cheese? as a teaching tool for Christian schools or just for individual entertainment.

The book’s goals are: 1) Remind students and readers to think critically about the media they consume and the goals they chase, 2) Bring a smile to someone’s face during hard times, and 3) Glorify God.


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