Understanding Employee Turnover

Understanding Employee Turnover.

Dr. Lacrone got it right in his article at the hyperlink above. Organizational support, supervisor support, training and development opportunities, a bit of self determination – these all exert powerful forces toward employees’ will to remain with an organization. It goes back to the relational over the transactional. Viewing employee retention through the lens of salary and benefits makes for a transactional employer-employee hierarchy. Providing support, meaningful work, a climate of trust and growth – these make for a relational employer-employee relationship. In managing employee turnover, focus on the relational over the transactional.



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3 responses to “Understanding Employee Turnover

  1. Chan Grzelak

    One thing that can always knock you for a loop is losing a big account. This, for sure, is a matter for immediate, concentrated attention. But before you make this call, think. You may get only one chance to turn things around. You must be sure you 1) understand the customer’s complaint and reason for canceling and 2) be prepared to address these points in deft detail. You must be as clear as you can be with why this key customer is quitting. What has she said before that’ll give you a clue? People usually don’t cancel without warning; there are omens. What were they? And what have you done and can you do to answer these concerns and make things better? Remember, the goal is keeping this person happy and the account where it belongs: with you. And this is going to take thought and constructive action.`

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  2. David M. Self

    As a 15 year veteran of a major telecom company, who left for exactly these reasons, I must say that I totally agree.

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