Musical Inquiry

Speaks now, clearly states his case.
His harsh voice opens the debate
His listeners
Appreciate his sound,
Interpret his message.

Distantly, quietly
adds depth and assists
in the interpretation.

Needs also to be heard;
Interrupts Dobro’s monologue.
His audience
Enjoys his sound;
This message, a bit less clear.

Less distant now,
Speaks with authority to the court,
Calls for order among the speakers.

Whines her message, too.
Her voice is high and nervous.
The jury
Enjoys the debate;
Provides their own interpretation

Drops his gavel,
With a percussive note,
Sentences reason to the chaos.

© Dr. Phil Bryant & B. Cullen Bryant



Filed under Poetic Perspectives

5 responses to “Musical Inquiry

  1. Edilio, thanks for liking my poem.

  2. Karen Corbitt

    great collaboration

  3. Doc Watson – to me the personification of bluegrass; to the author of the article at the link below, the personification of folk music.
    Bluegrass or Folk Music, Doc Watson could play and sing like no one else.

    I wrote “Musical Inquiry” with my son about a year ago to paint a picture of bluegrass with words. It felt right to post it today in memory of Arthel “Doc” Watson.

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