Inertia Kept Me

Be gone — You Ghost of What-If Past!
Alas. Your haunt forever lasts.

You enticed and tempted along the way.
Whispering. Pleading, “Seize the day.”
A siren’s song, you wooed and charmed.
Imploring, “What could be the harm?”

Although attracted by your bait,
Distracted by debts that wouldn’t wait.
Inertia kept me walking on.
Forward. Progress. Must press on.

Ever asking, “What might have been,”
Had I heeded you back then?”
You might continue by my side,
Had I let you be my guide,

Back when your name was yet another,
The Spirit of What-If Future.

© Dr. Phil Bryant



Filed under Poetic Perspectives

3 responses to “Inertia Kept Me

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  2. Thanks for the “like”, Jemmy. And thanks for stopping by, yet again.

  3. Thanks for the “like” Yolanda.

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