The Lord is Faithful

I’ve seen him time and time again,
Scorned by life, ignored by men.
Oft’ I’ve passed him on my way,
But drawn to meet him yesterday.

I’d stop and chat for just a while.
I’d give a dollar; a friendly smile.
Not too long. I shouldn’t stay.
I must be on my busy way.

I gave a twenty and a prideful smile.
I told him, “Make it last a while.”
I shook his hand for a quick depart.
But then. He spoke. Wise and smart.

“I do have worth.
I do have treasure.
Though not on earth,
and hard to measure.

Though unloved,
I still have love.

And in my pain,
I’ve found joy.

And in this chaos
I have peace.

Ever waiting,
Forever patient.

Given hatred,
I return kindness.

In the midst of bad
I see the good.

Though cast aside,
The Lord is faithful.

In a harsh world,
I remain gentle.

Though often tempted,
I’ve self control.

Though many think that I’m insane,
These attributes of God remain.
Comforted I’m not alone.
For a time, even Jesus had no home.”

© Dr. Phil Bryant



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4 responses to “The Lord is Faithful

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  2. Matthew 25:40 — “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'”

  3. angels2send

    this is a wonderful poem; and blessed are the persecuted…

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