The Heritage

Is one of noble character
Impossible to find?
The answer’s in the heritage
That you’ve left behind.

Many women do noble things;
But you surpass them all.
Oh, the joy your memory brings
To husband, child, and all.

We remember you walking
Always with the Lord.
We still hear you talking
Of the purity in His Word.

You set your eyes upon Him,
Straying neither left nor right.
And even when your eyes grew dim
He never left your sight.

We remember you on Sundays,
With the choir you would sing.
And to your Father always
Your praises you would bring.

Walking, talking, seeing, singing;
These left you at the end.
Or that’s the way to us it seemed.
But you continued these for Him.

You walk with Him, You talk with Him,
Morning, noon, and night.
You keep the Lord without end,
Always in your sight.

And to the Lord eternally,
You sing a perfect song;
While we from earth-bound vessels,
Long to sing along.

© Dr. Phil Bryant



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3 responses to “The Heritage

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  2. Hi, Edilio. Again, thanks for the like.

  3. Stellamarr,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. Thank you for “liking” my poem. Thanks for following my blog.
    What a story you have! God bless you, give you strength, and may He bless your new-found voice.

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