The Schism

My weakness insurmountable,
My deeds like dust.
His strength inconceivable,
His miracles unfathomed.

In matters of strength,
I am nothing. He is mighty.

My condition deplorable,
My case cannot be made.
His righteousness undeniable,
His name endures forever.

In matters of righteousness,
I am defeated, He is unchallenged.

Were I innocent,
Though I am not,
I could not stand.
Were I to speak,

Though I cannot,
He would not listen.

Were there a mediator,
I could stand before Him.
An arbitrator, intercessor,
I could speak.

But as it stands with me,
I cannot.*

© Dr. Phil Bryant

* “But as it stands with me, I cannot.” (quoted directly from Job 9:35 NIV)



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