HR Metrics and Employee Turnover

Briefings Media Group brings up two very important HR points here.
1) HR has SO MANY metrics at its disposal that it fails to use strategically, &
2) Employee Turnover is NOT ALWAYS a bad thing!
Thoughts… Comments…

Raising the HR Bar

Employers usually worry about losing star performers to their competitors. But there are some employees who are so damaging to the organization that you can’t afford to keep them on board. Workplace bullies fall into that category.

The topic of workplace bullying has been covered in the press quite a bit lately, but it’s an issue that isn’t taken seriously enough. For example, when you read or hear individual complaints about workplace bullies, do you ask yourself, “I wonder if that person is just a whiner?” Or maybe that person just can’t cut it in the organization, and he or she doesn’t want to hear criticism about shortcomings from a boss or a colleague.

Some people overreact to direct and honest communication and call it bullying. When reputation and a job are on the line, it’s easy to be sensitive about a supervisor who is constantly nagging and harping about performance…

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One response to “HR Metrics and Employee Turnover

  1. David Allen and I address both of these (the strategic use of HR metrics & the MYTH that Employee Turnover is ALWAYS bad) in our new book, Managing Employee Turnover.

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