Turn Around Turnover: Shift Your Metrics into High Gear

The front page article of the July, 2012 HR Magazine is entitled, “Turn Around Turnover: Shift Your Metrics into High Gear.”

The gist of the article is that HR needs to move beyond its current practices for managing employee turnover. Today, companies typically measure turnover rates and react to problems.

In the article, David Allen (co-author of Managing Employee Turnover) is quoted as stating that the typical method of conducting exit interviews within a week of a person’s termination is not good enough. “The separation,” he says, “even voluntary, is too emotionally charged to allow for insightful and accurate answers right after leaving.”

The article recommends that HR take a proactive stance toward managing employee turnover.  All it takes is an interest in analytics and knowing what questions to ask… and good data. For most large companies, the data already exist: employee engagement surveys, recruiting and hiring metrics, performance evaluations, and turnover data. Predictive analyses can be made by insightful HR professionals with some base-level understanding of statistical analysis. It doesn’t take a Ph.D. in statistics.

The goal of predictive turnover analysis is to manage the drivers of turnover before it occurs. This is far better than trying to put out turnover fires after they have occurred.

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