Unwelcome Companion

Thou, unwelcome Companion,
My haunt from time untold,
Formally your name is Depression,
Known to me as Dark-and-Cold.

Your visits are sans invitation.
You bind my spirit in chains.
Your ceaseless proclamation:
“This horrid existence can’t change.”

You’ll visit me oft in the future,
To this, I woefully concede.
Your attempts to have me surrender,
Will never, NO NEVER, succeed.

You cannot deny me my Peace.
I cling to a Hope from above.
I have lasting Victory in this:
“Through Christ, God poured out His love.”

So shadow me Vile Offender.
Follow the rest of my life.
To only One I surrender.
His Name is Jesus, the Christ!

© Dr. Phil Bryant



Filed under Poetic Perspectives

7 responses to “Unwelcome Companion

  1. Anonymous

    I wish and pray with a passion for everyone to be able, called, and willing to reach that level of understanding, trust, faith, believe, and surrendering. – Maria

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  3. Thanks, all, for the “Like.”

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