The Conduit

Her soul was lost, and she with it,
She hadn’t found the conduit —
To bring her near to God.

Now late at night, and all alone,
She felt the pain down to the bone —
As she wondered where is God.

Her heart was broken, she hurt inside,
Alone that night she thrashed and cried —
As she wondered where is God.

She eyed two flasks, there on the table,
Both of which had a warning label —
By now she believed there is no God.

She drank the flasks, she drank them dry,
It seems it was her quest to die —
And never to know God.

It haunts me now, it will forever,
Because I never made one endeavor —
To tell her about God.

© Dr. Phil Bryant



Filed under Poetic Perspectives

3 responses to “The Conduit

  1. Sandra

    I have three thoughts I would like to share as a response to “The Conduit”
    1) She was looking for a conduit, not God. If she looked for God, He would have sent her the conduit. A conduit could not be found because she did not know what to look for. What does a conduit look like?
    2) A conduit must be selfless in all of their ways or they will carry the burdens of world all of their days. Should have …is never a thought because the answer is always I do. Could have …is never a passing thought because you always give what you can. Would have …is never a passing thought, but is a statement of regrets. If opportunities pass you by are you a conduit?
    3) A conduit is not one in control but one who is controlled. To be a mouthpiece or means of expression, a message or method must come from the Master. A conduit understands the sacrifice of One can save millions of souls. Are you a conduit?

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