Redeeming Poetry

What is it with modern poetry and modern poets?

I just read a poem by a current author. Now excuse me – I feel like I should go shower!

It seems that poetry – an art I’ve always believed was as an expression of all that is right, true, beautiful, clean, lovely, etc. – has become just another venue for expressions of impurity, debauchery, idolatry, witchcraft, orgies, and the like.

Would love to hear your thoughts. What’s poetry meant to be? What’s its purpose? Why read it? Why write it?


Dr. Phil Bryant



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6 responses to “Redeeming Poetry

  1. Thanks for the “like” and the “follow”, Kumar.

  2. Poetry is expressing thoughts in a beautiful way using words which adorn the subject, whichever it be. Yet, I agree with you that just like there are things which, if done in public, will be considered as indecent, there are things if put into words will also be considered indecent. It is better to keep that drainage level low, …. yet since freedom of expression is such a big thing…. no one can tell anyone, what to think =|

  3. Thanks, Dawn, for the “Like.”
    You once wrote: “Most tend to admire beauty of a setting sun, yet overlook the charms a new day brings with it.”
    Thanks for the reminder, and it partly represents what I think is the purpose of poetry – to highlight the beauty in the mundane.

  4. I like the thoughts, Anxious.
    I wonder…
    People generally filter their thoughts, emotions, feelings, etc.
    Should there be a filtering in the process of writing poetry, or creating any other form of art? Or should artists and poets just let it all hang out?

  5. I feel poetry is a way of expression. We express ourselves, our thoughts, our view points, our feelings, our knowledge, our desires, our wants, our inner-voice through poetry, like we do through any other form of art.
    I don’t believe in classifying art to as that of the experts and that of the novices. Everybody, every single soul in the world can write a beautiful poem- the only thing required is to let yourself be drenched with imagination, creativity and most importantly, love.

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