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Hate Me If You Will, But

I cannot see why,
Abortion is about,

Women’s health,
Not fetal health.

I cannot see why,
Abortion is about,

War on women,
Not war on babies.

© Dr. Phil Bryant, 2012



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October 2012 Engagements

Engaging the Memphis Society of Entrepreneurs (October, 2012)

This month, I had the honor and pleasure to engage with Memphis’ Society of Entrepreneurs. We discussed strategic talent management and Managing Employee Turnover.

Pearson Crutcher, Phil Bryant, Ben Bryant (October, 2012)

Phil discussing talent management with Society of Entrepreneurs luncheon attendees.


Also this month, I had the opportunity to represent Business Expert Press (BEP) and their expanding collection of HR & OB business books.

BEP’s line-up of HR & OB books. The latest – Managing Employee Turnover

Managing Employee Turnover. Authors: David G. Allen & Phil C. Bryant. Editors: Stan Gully & Jean Phillips. Foreword by Denise Rousseau. Honored to share a cover with such OB & HR heavy hitters.


Phil & Carla Martin (AWESOME HR Student)

Phil flanked by a couple of GREAT MSOL Students (Georgia Beard-White & Sean Russell)

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God’s Story To You

A beautiful poem by an excellent blogger – thanks, TLJ, for sharing this with us.

God’s Story To You.

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Factions Fueled by the Fire of Facebook (2012)

The first of three presidential candidate debates was held a few weeks ago. From what I saw and what I witnessed, the objective majority agrees that Mitt Romney won the debate. The next debate between the two presidential candidates should prove interesting. I expect Barack to come out swinging and for Mitt to be caught off guard.
(Remember that winning a debate is one thing, running a country is yet a-greater-nother.)
Tonight, the Vice-Presidential candidates will debate.
I urge all to watch the remaining debates truly open-minded and objectively.
Can we try to assume that neither person (party) is intentionally lying (telling half-truths for self-promotion, sure, but not intentionally lying)?

Instead, can we openly listen for the world-view from which each candidate speaks and begin to truly make political decisions as informed individuals rather than as religious, political, economic, or racial factions fueled by the fire of facebook.

© 2012, Dr. Phil Bryant

Dr. Bryant is an Assistant Professor of Management at Columbus State University and co-author of Managing Employee Turnover.

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A Bus with No Passengers

So much is said in business about “getting the right people on the bus” and “in the right seats.”
What’s not discussed so much is keeping them there.
Just getting them on the bus is a waste of resources if they’re all sneaking out the
emergency exit.
Managing Employee Turnover is essential to keeping the “right people on the bus” and “in the right seats.”

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