“Some will run the race to the end.” (Lafley & Tichy, 2011)

“As the hour of succession nears, some candidates move on, but some will run the race to the end.” (Lafley & Tichy, 2011)

I love reading HBR! I especially enjoyed reading Lafley & Tichy’s 2011, “The Art and Science of Finding the Right CEO.


Are you prepared for Managing Employee Turnover at the highest levels of your organization?

Managing Employee Turnover



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3 responses to ““Some will run the race to the end.” (Lafley & Tichy, 2011)

  1. I think CEO succession should be in a company’s plan but shouldn’t be the company’s main focus if there is a way the plan can be informal so employees motives for working hard is not to become the CEO of that company that would also be better. Everybody can not be CEO but companies should be able to track CEO materials and create a program that groom those candidates but like i said this should be done informally. in fact , potential candidates should not be aware they are being groomed.

  2. The article made very good key points. Boards and CEOS often neglect key responsibility because other business matters seem more pressing. Poor succession planning could explain why CEO’s don’t stay in office as long as they once did. The article also mentions that CEOs have plenty on their plates. When it comes to CEOs the level of responsibilities that they take on, it was already there and it’s no way that it can be undone or for someone to abandoned it. If a person happens to choose to take that road not only does it say a lot about your integrity but it shows that you are incapable of handling multiple business deals. Another Professor told me just the other day, how when he was interviewing potential candidates for a job position and how he had asked the interviewee what were some of his future goals in life. Can you guess what this guy response was? He told my professor at the time he was at a different job, but his response was that his aim was to take his job. To everyone surprise in class we were in shocked and kind of laughed at the fact that this guy had the decency to say that to the guy who will determine his future career. My teacher said “here is this punk who has the nerve to sit down in my face and tell me that his plan is to take my job, well only thing I can think after that moment is how much I respected him.” My professor explained that it takes true humility, courage, most importantly determination for a person to admit what they want out of life. It all comes back to the CEO’s; I feel like you are taking an oath to the company, the employers and employees to make a better environment not only internal but external.

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