Before & After

Before, I would hide and keep it inside.
To conceal what was there I never would share.
I constructed a wall to retain it all.
To suppress what was there I never could share.
That was before you.

The wall, it was frail; and it often would fail,
Thus laying bare all that was there,
I then became scared, ashamed I had shared,
And laid bare all that was in there
All right before you.

You were so kind, and you never did mind.
You liked what was there so you started to share
You opened my eyes; a tremendous surprise.
I liked what was there, and was glad when you shared
What was inside you.

I now let you see the deep secrets in me.
Its good to share all that’s in there
You perfected my life, and now you’re my wife.
Its freeing to share all the good that’s in there.
Now that I’m with you.

© Dr. Phil Bryant



Filed under Poetic Perspectives

3 responses to “Before & After

  1. Thanks, MM, and Poetryblog, for the “likes.”

  2. Dorothy Bryant

    This one is my favorite ;). I love you!

    Dorothy Bryant Sent from my iPad

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