This Christmas Day

The fearful debt that we should owe
If bound to reap that which we sow;
The awesome debt that we should pay
Upon that fretful judgment day.

If forced to make it on our own,
If forced to struggle all alone,
The living hell that we’d be in
Bound and chained unto our sin.

But God showed mercy; He gave us grace
That we should look upon His face.
He entered our estate so low
As an infant that he could show

The way to live,
To love,
To share.

The way to give,
To laugh,
To care.

Forget Him not this Christmas day,
For He’s the the Truth, the Life, the Way.

© 2012, Dr. Phil Bryant



Filed under Poetic Perspectives

4 responses to “This Christmas Day

  1. lynne

    love love love this! one of my favorites yet.

  2. Ellen Brooks

    Amen! I am enjoying your truth poems very much. Thank you!

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