Internal Upward Mobility

I was asked recently to review a resume’ for a friend. She is aspiring to a higher position with the company for whom she now works.
I reviewed the resume’ and offered some improvements.
But the meat of the advice I gave her follows:
“It would be an upward internal move – one of the hardest to do. These moves are usually planned out well in advance from a career perspective rather than from an opportunity recognition perspective.
Internal upward mobility has more to do with relationships and how they are managed than with the way the resume’ looks.
People here know you and they have already formed perceptions and opinions of you. The way you’ve managed those perceptions and opinions over time will determine your internal upward mobility. 
If an internal candidate earns this position, and I hope it is you, she will earn the position based not on her resume’, but on her relationships.”
As for the resume’, I took the liberty to make some changes – all deletions. The reason was to highlight what needs to be highlighted. With resume’s, when too much is highlighted, nothing is highlighted.

© 2012, Dr. Phil Bryant

Dr. Bryant is an Assistant Professor of Management at Columbus State University and co-author of Managing Employee Turnover.



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3 responses to “Internal Upward Mobility

  1. Christopher Jordan

    I agree and understand exactly why this is 100% correct. My input would be the lack of courses and seminars available to students to help them with relationship building. With some people it comes natural to be able to make friends and build strong relationships, but others struggle for many different reasons. To me it’s disappointing that there aren’t more opportunities out their, for the people who struggle, to help build their relationship skills before they enter the corporate world. I believe that colleges should have more classes in this area in order to help improve their students’ chances of upward mobility within companies, both making the student and college look better.

  2. Thank you very much for this helpful post! As a student, learning techniques to make my resume as strong as it has the potential to be is important to me! I liked what you said about highlighting key points, and if too much is highlighted, nothing is high lighted. I will be using this technique.
    Another great point you made is the relationship building aspect of the corporate world. I believe the same concept of relationship building applies to us, people who are new in the job force; i think its important for us to do research about the employer we would like to work for, because making a decision to be employed at a certain company is very important and must be done carefully. 🙂

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