The Heritage — Author’s Reflections

What a wonderful woman was my mother-in-law, Dot. Sweet, kind, and loving was Dot.

I thank Dot most for raising my beautiful wife, Dorothy, into the godly woman she is today.

Very soon after I met her, Dot was diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimer’s disease. It first attacked her vision. It then attacked her memory.

But what an inspiration she was!

Even as the illness progressed, she continued to sing in her church choir. Guided by her fellow choir members as they processed to their places, she couldn’t see to walk by herself and she certainly couldn’t read a hymnal. The disease which had stolen most of her memory had no power over her memory of the hymns as she sang from her soul.

Alzheimer’s disease stole much from Dot. But Dot was blessed. Cruel as it was, the disease was never able to take away her sweet personality, her memory of family, nor her love for God

Dot, and her darling daughter Dorothy embody The Woman of Noble Character found in Proverb 31:10-31.



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2 responses to “The Heritage — Author’s Reflections

  1. Krista

    Beautiful & very true. She was, & remains, a blessing in the lives of all who knew & loved her. She is deeply missed.

  2. Dorothy

    I am so blessed! Cannot explain how much this post and poem mean to me. My heart is full.

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