Victory’s Cry — Author’s Reflections

Have you ever wrestled with yourself? You knew what you should do, you didn’t want to do it, so you stayed up all night wrestling with yourself. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe its a sign of insanity to wrestle so with yourself.

Bigger question. Have you ever wrestled with God? You knew what was required of you, but your entire being fought against it for hours, days, years even. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe only fools wrestle with God.

Maybe. But didn’t a man named Jacob wrestle with God? Genesis 32:24-29 tells us he did. And what was the outcome of Jacob’s wrestling with God? First, he was wounded. Many accounts attest that Jacob’s hip was permanently wounded in his struggle with God. He was also blessed by God, his name was changed to Israel  and he became the patriarch of the Israeli nation!

So, many were blessed by Jacob’s wrestling with God.

And didn’t a man named Jesus also wrestle with God? Matthew 26, Mark 14, and Luke 22 each describe a time that He did. He knew what was the will of God the Father. He also knew the personal pain, agony, shame, and wrath wrapped up in the Father’s will. Just like Jacob, Jesus wrestled with God for an entire night (beginning in Gesthemane’s Garden and ending on Calvary’s Tree). And what was the outcome of Jesus’ wrestling with God? First, He was wounded and ultimately was killed. He was also blessed by God. He arose from the dead. Conquering death once and for all.

So many were blessed by Jesus’ wrestling with God.

Common among Jacob’s wrestling with God and Jesus’ wrestling with God:

1) Both men struggled for hours with God.

2) Both men submitted to God.

3) Both men were permanently scarred in the process.

4) Both men were blessed by God.

5) Many people across the world and throughout generations were blessed.

Do you want to impact the world for God for generations to come? Go ahead, then, and wrestle with God. But… be prepared to submit to Him and be prepared to be permanently scarred in the process.

Maybe you are wrestling with God and you don’t even recognize it. What are you struggling with right now? Divorce? Illness? Depression? Addiction? …? 1) Keep wrestling, 2) Submit to God, 3) Be prepared to be scarred in the process, 4) Be prepared to be blessed by God, and 5) Be prepared to bless nations and generations because you wrestled.

A side note — In wrestling with God, Jesus also wrestled with himself. The structure of the Terza Rima, Victory’s Cry, is representative of the Holy Trinity — each rhyme inseparably intertwined within another.

Enjoy Victory’s Cry at the link below.


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