Forsaken — Author’s Reflection

In the first chapter of the gospel of John, Jesus is referred to twice (verses 29 & 36) as the Lamb of God. As the Lamb, Jesus is the one time sacrifice for all. The book of Revelation portrays Jesus as the Lamb – but also the Lion.

Exiting this Christmas season, most of us have no trouble envisioning Jesus as the Lamb. There he was – born in a stable, resting in a feeding trough, surrounded by other little lambs. The songs of the season remind us that Jesus came to bring peace on earth and goodwill to men.

Many of Jesus’ contemporaries embraced Him as the Lamb. For a little over 3 decades, He was their precious, peaceful Lamb. Then, late one night He was abruptly taken away from those who loved Him most. They were devastated. If He was who He said He was, then His own Father – their own Father – had snatched Him away.

I’m sure many felt Forsaken.

But that’s not the end of the story. Jesus returned a few days later, hung out a while and left again promising to return.

Today, many await the return of their little Lamb. He will return. But when He does, it will be as a conquering Lion.

We loved the little Lamb.

How will we respond to the Lion?




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3 responses to “Forsaken — Author’s Reflection

  1. Anonymous

    This reminded me of William Blake’s “LIttle Lamb, Little Lamb, who made thee? ” He also wrote about a tiger. I don’t remember if he wrote about a lion! Probably did.

  2. Anonymous

    I love the contrast of the lamb and the lion. I think my fav part is “There he was – born in a stable, resting in a feeding trough, surrounded by other little lambs. I really like the phrase,”there he was,” and “feeding trough,” “little lambs” and “songs of the season”. I also like the choice of contrasting words in the third paragraph where you see the embracing of the precious, peaceful lamb followed by the snatching and abrupt devastation. Very nice!

    Thanks for reminding us that he is no longer the baby in the manger!

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