The Two Zoots

Said Old Man Zad to his brother Hasham
“My Zoot is faster than yours, old man.”

“I bet not! Your full of Kerpile!”
Said Hasham without a smile.

The Zoots turned, one toward the other
And in unison they karumphed, “oh, brother.”

Go little Zoots! Dance with your kin!
The first who Lapunks is the one to win!

Zin, zan, Zo!
They’re off. Look at them go!

The Zoots danced, faster and faster
Trying to Lapunk and please their master.

Hasham’s Zoot dipped down, but only Lashank.
Zad laughed so hard he pulled a hurank.

Zad’s Zoot tried hard to pull a moprok
But then he fell, resulting in vok.

In the midst of the chaos came a third Zoot,
And Lapunked perfectly in only one boot.

Hasham was confused,
And Zad was lazoode.

The two old Vleezers, Zad and Hasham,
Thus traded their Zoots for a couple of Vlam.

Joe & Phil



Filed under Poetic Perspectives

3 responses to “The Two Zoots

  1. Karen Corbitt

    You guys are GOOD!!!!

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