Job’s Lament — Author’s Reflection

“…Shall we accept good from God and not trouble?”

We find in the Old Testament a book entitled Job. In it, the title character finds himself inexplicably and unthinkably tested by God. He loses his children, his property, his livelihood, and his health. Things get so bad for Job that even his wife encourages him to “Curse God and die.” How humiliating! How dejecting!

We’ve all known troubles, tests, and trials. Most of us less than that known by Job; a few of us maybe more. But:

The scope of our suffering matters far less than the hope in our suffering.

We’ll all know future troubles, tests, and trials. Will we face them like Job – accepting both trouble and good from God – or like Job’s wife?

Job cursed the day he was born. Job longed for death to end his trials. Yet, “in all this, Job did not sin in what he did.”

(All above quotes from Job 2:9&10, NIV)

(Job’s Lament can be read here).



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4 responses to “Job’s Lament — Author’s Reflection

  1. DRB

    Yes, we cling to Christ’s promises when under attack (Psalm 119).

    Why is “Author’s Note” in the port title?

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