TG – Author’s Reflection

On a lighter note,

As I write this, it is Friday afternoon. I am in my office, at work, between meetings.

The weather is gorgeous. Early Spring. Sunny. 70°. Listening to the pilots buzz by as they prepare for this weekend’s air show. TGIF!

Although I am no fan of riddles, I wrote TG as somewhat of a riddle. And, please don’t get me wrong. I think its great to thank God it’s Friday. But if we thank God its Friday too often, I fear we’ll forget to thank God it’s Tuesday when Tuesday rolls around. Or even Monday. Ever considered thanking God it’s Monday?

Today’s reflection is intentionally short. Let’s go out and play!


Or T.

F is 1 out of 7.
Why live 1 out of 7?
Or 2 out of 7?
Or 3?

Must the glass be 1/2 full?
Must the glass be 1/2 empty?
Let the glass overflow.
And TG.

© Dr. Phil Bryant, 2013


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One response to “TG – Author’s Reflection

  1. Karen Corbitt

    I love this and it made me chuckle. You are one cool dude!

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