“Where to begin…

“Where to begin?
First, you don’t make policy with your emotions, and yes, that IS what B.O. and his disciples are trying to manipulate when they bring victims up to the podium as backdrops for political speeches that are meant to tell us (looking for all the world like a disappointed school principal disciplining children) what we SHOULD BE thinking.

Bottom line tho is that many of us already know what to think. We are grown ups who don’t need to be told that these bills would NOT HAVE STOPPED any of the crimes y’all are using as examples. It would only make it harder for law abiding people to defend AGAINST the law breakers, and criminalize them if they insisted on maintaining their 2nd Amendment-protected natural right to self defense.

As for background checks, I know it SOUNDS reasonable. And it would be if managed by people who would not abuse that power to deny gun owners their natural rights. I have already discussed before how that background check power is already being used to take guns from people who are not violent but who suffer from PTSD, or had the cops called to their house by their neighbors or spouse after a shouting match, or who sought help for depression once, etc.

Lastly, we oppose any paper trail because a corrupt and totalitarian govt can use that to round up guns from good people who are Constitutionally empowered to own guns for the primary purpose of checking the power OF GOVERNMENT if govt becomes an enemy to Freedom … and history shows that it is likely to come to that. Not talking about coups here. talking about DEFENDING in ones own home when anyone intrudes there. Any administration that doesn’t acknowledge that is dangerous.”

A good friend of mine — an anonymous special forces elite soldier, husband-father, philosopher-writer, gun owner — offers these few paragraphs in defense of resolutely defending the 2nd amendment as well as why so many reasonable people oppose what appear to be “reasonable” expansion of background checks for gun purchases.

As always, your comments and dialogue are appreciated.


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April 19, 2013 · 10:41 am

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