Employee Socialization (On-Boarding)

The first few days on the job play a critical role in an employee’s future with the company. It is during this time that the new hire begins to realize that the reality of the job is not exactly as they had expected. It is during this time that the new hire is first exposed to the culture and climate of the organization. And it is during this time that the new hire is trying to make friends & allinaces and a positive first impression.

Providing clear expectations about the sequence and timing of on-boarding events, and on-boarding new hires together as a group can ease some of their inevitable anxieties. Also, involving experienced insiders and organizational leaders in the on-boarding process can help new hires feel valued by the organization. These same experienced insiders can serve as positive role models, mentors, and trainers for new hires — providing positive feedback and gentle guidance as necessary.

I use my training and experience as a Yellow, Green and Black Belt in Six Sigma to Define, Measure, and Analyze your organization’s current employee socialization (on-boarding) processes; and within just one week, offer Improvements and Controls for your future employee socialization (on-boarding) processes.

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© 2013, Dr. Phil Bryant

Dr. Bryant is an Assistant Professor of Management at Columbus State University and co-author of Managing Employee Turnover.


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