A Proverbs 31 Woman: Who Can Find?

The LadyJournal paints the perfect picture of the truth found in Proverb 31. The entire Bible points to our need for Christ, and just like the Sermon on the Mount, the Proverb 31 pointedly reminds us that we can never – without Christ – be perfect, and with Him we are made perfect.

Samantha Cabrera

Just take the world aside. Sit down quietly. Look out your window or your view of anything else but your day-to-day activities. Bring your Bible, your hot tea and carry Proverbs 31 in your hand. 

The more I read Proverbs 31, the more I feel a great hope, but also a great distress. I feel like this woman is standing on a boat somewhere in the vast sea, and no one can reach her.

Well, I’ve come to realize, this kind of woman never existed. She is more of a lovely personified character of nobility and wisdom found in Proverbs, even from the very beginning of this book chapter. After all, this epilogue is basically the icing on the cake for Proverbs.

Yet, when I come to the end and read things like many women do noble things, but you surpass them all…I almost feel cheated, and ask myself, can this…

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3 responses to “A Proverbs 31 Woman: Who Can Find?

  1. TheLadyJournal

    Thank you so very much for sharing, Phil. God Bless you!:)

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