Your Company’s Top Talent Is Likely Among the 17%

Find out what to do about Managing Employee Turnover before you lose your top talent.

© 2014, Dr. Phil Bryant

Dr. Bryant is an Assistant Professor of Management at Columbus State University and co-author of Managing Employee Turnover.



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2 responses to “Your Company’s Top Talent Is Likely Among the 17%

  1. The study while revealing seems, in my opinion, to reveal less of an employee loyalty and employer transparency issue and speaks more to the overall technological and cultural changes that have effected the career landscape. Information leads to knowledge and knowledge is power. Long gone are the days where you are forced to work within an hour’s drive of your home town because that area consisted of your network and job contacts. Because of the internet and social media connections employment options now have to compete similarly to a commodity on the open market. Smaller companies can now compete more evenly with larger corporations on a compensation and recruitment level. Also, at least 25% of those employees have realized the opportunity to go it on their own. With a global market at their fingertips the sweat equity invested into a startup could pay hefty dividends compared to a 30 year day job at your local corporation. This new landscape puts employees in contact with the positions and work environments that can better suit and fulfill them. If that just means that big businesses have to recruit a little harder and compensate their employees a little more to stay on top, then so be it,

  2. Wycithia Graves

    I agree with the fact that business starters need to build relationships and network with many people to be able to form a business. It takes an educated person to build financial capital unless you are someone who reads many books and study that way. The hardest part is the financial help and being able to do the whole process of a business, for example, saving money and hiring employees. It also takes a great amount of time and effort to accomplish the goals of having a business. In the end if everything comes together in the process then there you have a successful business with a lot of financial capital and money saved.

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