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Added August 15, 2013 — “Thank You!!!!!!!!!!

Added February 01, 2013 — “Enter to Win A Free Signed Copy of Managing Employee Turnover.

Added October 25, 2012 — “October 2012 Engagements

Added October 3, 2012 — “A Bus with no Passengers.

Added September 18, 2012 — “Enter to Win a Free, Signed Copy of Managing Employee Turnover.” ***ENDED***
Added September 17, 2012 — “Why Focus on Managing Employee Turnover? Why now?

Added September 12, 2012 — “My Book is Now Available in E-Copy.”

Added August 31, 2012 — “BEP’s got me covered.”

Added August 27, 2012 — “an excerpt from Chapter 12 of Managing Employee Turnover.”

Added August 21, 2012 — “Keep Swinging and hit new heights.”

Added August 16, 2012 — “They’ll Have to Wear Shades.

Added August 09, 2012 — “An Excerpt from Managing Employee Turnover.

Added July 10, 2012 — “‘Ride Out of Town on Your Pretty Little Unicorns!

Added July 9, 2012 — “Turn Around Turnover: Shift Your Metrics into High Gear.”

Added July 3, 2012 — “The Lean Start Up.”

Added June 20, 2012 — “Managing Employee Turnover: A Sneak Peek at the Foreword.

Added June 18, 2012 — “What Experts are Saying about Managing Employee Turnover.

Added January 22, 2012 — “Managing Employee Turnover.

Managing Employee Turnover is the 2012 book I co-authored with Dr. David Allen. It is an evidence-based employee retention toolbox that managers can read in one day and implement the next. And because it is grounded in research, it is also a great resource that business and management professors can use in the classroom.

Managing Employee Turnover was inspired by our double-award winning 2010 Academy of Management Perspectives article we co-authored with the amazingly talented Dr. James Vardaman. The two awards are highlighted in the following:

In the blog post category to the right, entitled “Business Book”, I will be posting updates about the book —  progress toward publication, acalades, relevance and importance to managers, speaking engagements or book signing events, sales tally, etc.

I look forward to readers’ comments…


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