Management Musings


Added September 2, 2014 — “Assessing Leadership — The Purpose in Leadership Inventory

Added July 3, 2014 — “Can You Really Measure Servant Leadership?

Added March, 10, 2014 — “Your Company’s Top Talent is Likely Among the 17%”

Added February 11, 2014 — “Envy or Emulate the 1 Percent?

Added September 6, 2013 — “Earn 10’s of Thousands More $Dollars!”

Added July 17, 2013 — “Does Your Resume Do You Justice?”

Added December 14, 2012 — “Internal Upward Mobility

Added November 8, 2012 — “Some Will Run the Race to the End.”

Added October 3, 2012 — “A Bus with no Passengers.

Added September 17, 2012 — “Why Focus on Managing Employee Turnover? Why Now?

Added August 14, 2012 — “Stressed out with all this Globalization?

Added August 13, 2012 — “Facilitating Minority and Female Entrepreneurship.”

Added July 31, 2012 — “How Important is Grammar as a Predictor of Future Job Performance?

Added July 20, 2012 — “Is Your Thinking About Employee Turnover All Wrong?”

Added July 17, 2012 — “Take This Job and Shove it.

Added July 10, 2012 — “‘Ride Out of Town on Your Pretty Little Unicorns!

Added July 9, 2012 — “Turn Around Turnover: Shift Your Metrics into High Gear.”

Added July 3, 2012 — “The Lean Start Up.

Added June 26, 2012 — “Employees You Can’t Afford to Keep.” Reblogged from Raising the HR Bar.

Added June 21, 2012 — “SMART Goals and SMARTER Goals: What Exactly Are They? What Say You?

Added June 12, 2012 — “Goldilocks Got it Right!

Added June 12, 2012 — “Back of an Envelope Career Growth.” Reblogged from My Perspective on Loving, Learning, Living, and Laughing.

Added June 6, 2012 — “2011 Outstanding Practitioner Oriented Publication in OB.

Added June 6, 2012 — “Academy of Management Perspectives Award for Best Paper of 2010.

Added May 31, 2012 — “The Training-Turnover Paradox.

Added May 28, 2012 — “Sports and Business Go Hand in Hand.” Reblogged from Just Saying: Another Day in Helsinki.

Added May 27, 2012 — “Understanding Employee Turnover.” Reblogged from People Zeal: Consultancy and Services.

Added May 25, 2012 — “Give’em a Raise.


3 responses to “Management Musings

  1. yumei huang

    Building good relationships with your employees is a type of investment; you invest your emotions. To some extent, the emotional investment is an excellent choice for managing employees’ hearts and minds . Especially talented employees tend to be dismissive of small favors. However, if you can make them feel that you really truly care for them , then you will have a bumper harvest in the future.
    Emotional investment in an employee can effectively stimulate the employee’s potential ability so the employee would have a strong sense of mission and dedication. Another benefit to emotional investment is that employees will have a “sense of belonging,” and this “sense of belonging” is one of the keys for employees to give their “willing to do.” Having good relationship with your employees will make them feel secure. That is very important because no one wants to be excluded from the manager ‘s attention, and no one wants to become the object of dismissal. In my conclusion, intangible rewards could be more effective than tangible rewards.

  2. Prof. Bryant, I have some info on an interesting assessment that has dramatically lowered turnover. I’m not a sales guy, just interested in the topic. Can we chat? Greg Sparzo

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