Call for Papers! Premiere Issue of Servant Leadership: Theory & Practice

Call for Academic Papers / Academic Publishing Opportunity

Bryant, P. & Allen, D. (2013) Compensation, benefits & employee turnover: HR strategies for retaining top talent. Compensation & Benefits Review. 

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Bryant, P., Fabian, F., Kinnamon, E., & Wright, P. (2012) Tailoring entrepreneurship education: Exploring components of entrepreneurship education for underrepresented groups. Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship.

Karasek, R., & Bryant, P. (2012) Signaling theory: Past, present, & future. Academy of Strategic Management Journal.

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Bryant, P., Davis, C., Hancock, J., & Vardaman, J. (2010) When rule makers become rule breakers: Employee level outcomes of managerial pro-social rule breaking. Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal, 22:2 (101-112).

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Bryant, P. (2008) Living Beyond the Maze. Dogear Publishing.


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