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Welcome! I am an author (published) and a poet (hacking at it).

Much of my education (Ph.D.) and work experience (20+ years) are in Human Resource Management.

My plan for this page is mainly to share with you some HR Management nuggets and some Poetic gems.

HR Management and Poetry?

Sounds about as good a combination as ground coffee beans lightly sprinkled over vanilla ice-cream. Actually a rather delectable combination.

Thanks again for stopping by. Your comments are encouraged.

Dr. Phil Bryant



  1. Kate

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  3. DRB

    That reminds me of instant coffee sprinkled on vanilla ice cream.

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  6. Thanks for that “follow” Zahrah. I hope you are inspired / uplifted by what you find here.
    Again, best wishes.
    Dr. Phil

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  14. nealmearl

    God gave some of us the talent to write poetry. It is a way of expressing the inner feelings.

  15. nealmearl

    I like the combo also!

  16. Why did God invent poetry…and art for that matter…? How about this: to give us a way to express the deepest feelings and intuitive insights, to make our hearts sing with joy or break in pieces, to alleviate our suffering and carve hope out of doom.

    I steer clear of anything that takes me down!

    • Hana, a nicely poetic comment. Thanks for sharing. Only a few of my poems are “downers.” The rest reflect my worldview: The world is messed up for now, but a redeemer lives who will make it right again.

  17. Elke Blinick

    Hi Phil, I am not sure why God invented poetry. I have no use for it. Just say it in prose. …. ok the only poetry that I like is ‘owl and the pussycat ‘ or stuff by Shel Silverstein.

    • Elke, Thanks for stopping by. Shel Silverstein is awesome! I’d love to hear what you have to say about some of my poems. Take your best shot. (I’ve got thick skin.)

      In your line of work, I hope you’ll find my management posts more useful than my poetry.


  18. Amy, you ought to try the coffee-icecream combo as well. 😉

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